FINCA EL LAUREL - Costa Rica                                 CARAMEL/LEMON/HONEY


Patch's Notes: We love this coffee at HQ, A light and mellow bean with delicate flavours. It has a sharp acidity as an espresso but as a filter it has a delicate acidity with subtle flavours which we love. An easy drinking single estate coffee.


Origin - Costa Rica

Region - Santa Maria de Dota

Farm - Finca El Laurel

Varietals - Caturra, Catuai

Altitude - 1600-1800masl

Process - Washed

Roast depth - Light


Please note: We roast on Tuesday and Friday so please place your order 7am the same day to avoid disappointment!


More Info:


La Montaña is a relatively large single farm, producing around exportable 300 bags per year, primarily washed coffees. It is a family business, overseen by two sisters, Daniela and Tatiana Gutierrez, having taken over day-to-day operations from their father, Jorge. Daniela and Tatiana are passionate about specialty coffee, and have learned about barista skills as well as roasting, and they enjoy drinking the coffees that they produce.


Their father is still involved at the farm, but the sisters are working toward the commercialization of the coffee. Jorge acquired his first farm 40 years ago, and he is still fascinated by coffee production: He has dedicated his whole life to growing coffee, and his daughters are interested in following in his footsteps. "Coffee for us is our way of life," says Daniela. "It is a job that we enjoy and that we are passionate about. Coffee is what we breathe and what we love to do." Since his first estate 40 years, ago, Jorge and his family has been able to slowly increase the size of their farmland, and they now own five separate plots, all within about a 20-minute drive from the mill: San Luis, La Montaña, San Pedro, La Cumbre, and San Marcos





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