COLOMBIA - La Cristalina                                   CRANBERRY & BLUEBERRY


Patch's notes: More suited for espresso than filter in my opinion but certainly not lacking flavour. As a filter it had a full, winey body with hints of sweet berries. As an espresso it took on a sweet, tropical, almost banana flavour which I enjoyed!


Origin – Colombia

Region - Quindio

OwnerThe Grajales Family

Altitude – 1450-1500masl

Varietal – Castillo

Process – Natural/Sun-dried

Roast depth - Light/Medium


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More info:


Altitude of Lot: 1.450-1.500m


Brix range cherry: 24-27°B


Processing: Natural


Drying method: Dried by sunlight. The coffee is placed on “carros corredizos” or tunnel

with direct sun exposure for the first 2 days. After the humidity is down

to 40% is placed in drying tanks for around 36 hours, this process is to

enhance the fruity flavors. The coffee must be monitored by

temperature and by PH. After the 36 hours of fermentation the coffee

goes back to the movable cars or tunnel. The total process can take

between 10 and 15 days, depending on the weather. The key point is

to avoid as much as you can the humidity gain during night.

During the time, the coffee is in the movable cars is moved every hour

the first days to make sure all the coffee gets enough sun and avoid

humid spots that can cause vinegar taste.


Sorting: The cherries get hand sorted at picking, later sorted during the floating

process and during the drying time. Last selection is at the milling

where the coffee is selected by screen size and defects. At the milling

the final stage of selecting is made by hand, because the electronical

machine is not very accurate on the selection.


Stabilization: At the farm after drying to 9-11% humidity the coffee gets packed in

GrainPro bags and sisal and stored at the farm, at 20°C. Usually after

1,5 months the coffee is stabilized and ready for the milling and then



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