Image by Mukuko Studio

All About Moi

I originally came up with the idea to roast coffee after realising I wouldn't at the time be able to have my own winery without huge cost and debts. I needed a creative outlet! I love using a raw (usually not very nice tasting) ingredient and transforming it into a delicious product you can enjoy with the people closest to you. Coffee roasters were expensive but were affordable (kind of) and there were, roughly, only 200 roasters in the UK, skip to present day and you can easily quadruple that amount and that's not including home roasters and enthusiasts who have the Ikawa kitchentop roaster!

I have never known what to be in my life, I've always enjoyed too many things, whether that's woodworking, sports, making beer, wine, and coffee, drinking beer, wine and coffee, gardening, hiking, biking, skiing, boarding, cooking, trying to surf etc etc you get the picture...I worked in many  hospitality venues, managed pubs from a young age, was an assistant winemaker, worked in breweries, travelled, picked grapes/worked in cellar doors in France and Australia, a couple of ski seasons here and there. None stuck and stick-ability is my problem, I get bored after 1 year (Yes I know my time frame).  And so after two University Foundations and grand plans to work in other countries but failing, usually due to General Anxiety, heartbreaks and lack of funds (Mainly this!). I kept returning home to Shropshire to start over.

Thus 'The Colonel's Son' brand was created. I bought a small electric roaster and messed up a lot before giving coffee to friends and family to try....then buy....then earning enough money (with the help of my sister also) to start a little shop in the heart of Shrewsbury to sell my coffee bags. It seemed pretty simple at the time. I signed the lease a week before Covid hit in March 2018/2019, I can't remember which year as it all blends into one now. But I was quite lucky....

I worked on the new place in my own time, it needed alot of TLC and afterwards I opened to serve takeaway coffee, one of the very few things you could treat yourself to on your daily outing. I kept earning money to eventually buy the things I wanted for the business i.e bigger fridges/freezers, bigger roaster and a few nice things for the shop which was great! After two years of being open and closeing recently (a close friend of mine passed away and it made me sad but don't worry I got myself a puppy and she is great!) I can start to buy larger amounts of coffee and look to expand a bit more. Wahoo! 

Coffee shops have opened up now and they seem to be on every street where I live but all doing well which is great to see. I've reined in my coffee shop a little bit to focus on the coffee beans rather than the takeaway side of things, I found I was getting worked up on which cakes to put out rather than the coffee I was serving and that is just not right! All this being said I've met some incredible artists, small business owners and lots of other cool people whilst I've been open, I've tried to support businesses where I could and hopefully I can carry that ethos on.

Dreams for the future - I always talk about it but need a little bit more support in a business sense before I can expand the coffee shop brand to have more locations and employees. I'm always on the hunt for new premises/people to work with in Shropshire or further afield, I just need the right people to team up with on this. And for the future future, I would love to move the roastery to a bigger premise and supply more businesses and even trade directly at source to improve the lives and wages of the people who pick and produce the coffee beans. That's the big dream, if you think you an help me on this quest then please get in touch. 

Goddamn! I've been waffling, I hope you enjoy my coffee if you've bought some and I hope with every sip you say 'fuck me that's a good coffee'