All About Moi

"I love using a raw (usually not very nice tasting) ingredient and transforming it into a delicious product you can enjoy with the people closest to you"

I originally came up with the idea to roast coffee after realising I wouldn't at the time be able to have my own winery without huge cost and debts. Coffee roasters were expensive but were affordable (kinda) and there were, roughly, only 200 roasters in the UK......


'Hand-roasting beans for coffee fiends,

since 2017'

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Wholesale Coffee

Does your business serve coffee fiends?
If you think your business might benefit from stocking my coffee beans then please don't hesitate and get in touch with me via email. I aim to be as competitive as I possibly can considering the size of my business. I offer single origin beans plus my very own House Blend in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. 
Please email at -  to find out more information.

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Shipping, Prices & Delivery

I offer free delivery for businesses in the near vicinity of Shrewsbury but for further afield normal shipping rates apply for personal purchases and wholesale purchases. All shipping is through Royal Mail inside the UK.

I try to be as competitive as possible, please bare in mind I'm not a huge company so I can't buy enough coffee to compete with huge coffee companies. 

I post all orders on Tuesday every week so please place your order beforehand to get your coffee.

10kg Reusable Drums

I offer a reusable scheme which means no packaging waste. Everyday 100's if not 1000's of 1kg coffee bags are used and binned in coffee shops all over the UK. Most of those bags are not recyclable due to cheap packaging.

I don't want to add to the shitstorm that is packaging so I offer 10kg coffee drums which I can deliver, pick-up and refill which saves ten 1kg bags being binned. That makes me happy!

If your business is close by and you like the sound of this, then please get in touch through wholesale.

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" I judge a restaurant by it's bread and it's coffee "

Burt Lancaster



3 Meadow Place, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK

Image by Nathan Dumlao